share2drive provides innovative, pure, convenient and easy

solutions for urban shared mobility.

Who we are .

share2drive GmbH, headquartered in Aachen, Germany, is a young company that was derived 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen.

What we do .

Urban mobility is changing and innovative products and services will be a major part of solving future mobility needs.

share2drive creates innovative urban mobility solutions and electric vehicles with the focus to use them in the shared mobility concept.

What we offer .

Mobility is our passion. share2drive offers innovative mobility solutions for our clients in urban shared mobility.

The core product is SVEN, a vehicle that was specially developed for use in shared mobility applications.

Our partner network .

Together with our partners we want to contribute to shaping the urban mobility of the future.

share2drive resorts to stable networks with various companies and invite you to work with us.


Shared Vehicle Electric Native

SVEN is our elementary key of the business model. SVEN is a pure electric vehicle designed for urban shared mobility, especially carsharing and fleets.

It is a small, compact car that fits in almost every parking space in cities. SVEN is agile and characterized by high crash safety. As a “rolling device” SVEN is fully connected to the internet and allows user-specific settings. SVEN is designed for all kinds of users following a super simple-to-use approach.

Design Principles .

By combining five key factors, share2drive provides a vehicle optimized for needs of the shared mobility:

1. Design for E-Mobility
Green foot print by renewable energies & no emissions

2. Design for Minimized Size
Designed for cities and continuous urbanization

3. Design for Best Cost per km
Each design and functionality decision is evaluated with regard to the TCR (Total Cost for Ride) effects in a sharing use case.

4. Design for Carsharing specific convenience
Focus on ease of use, clean, maintain & connected – compromises in comfort.

5. Design for further Carsharing revenue streams
The vehicle IT architecture is designed for maximum use of vehicle data, enabling operator-specific solutions.

  • Vehicle for shared mobility and for short distances
  • Pure electric vehicle (zero emissions)
  • Rolling Device – fully networked vehicle
  • Easy to use – easy to clean – easy to maintain
  • 1+2 seater at 2.5m
  • Integration between public transport and the individual personal vehicle (PPV)

Look at this .

Exterior – Sven offers a dynamic and functional design. The use of front and rear bodypanels allows the depiction of derivatives as well as easy handling for upgrades. Lights, cameras and sensors are placed on a functional band that connects the Greenhouse with the body. This trisection makes exciting color variations and accents possible. A sliding door allows the driver to get out in tight parking situations. The generous glass surfaces ensure an open and bright atmosphere as well as a perfect all-round view.

Take a seat please .

Sven also offers a functional design in the interior. The interior is optimized for sharing and for use by up to three people. All controls are reduced to a minimum and can be operated via touch or voice control. Smart device connection, inductive charging station, mirror cameras and displays just like a driver screen underline the advanced mobility claim and support the driver in the safe handling of the vehicle.

Easy-to-clean surfaces also allow quick and easy reprocessing after a usage cycle.

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Press & Media .

We have compiled a data package, consisting of press release, photos and our logo. Please use the link to download the file. (RAR, 463 MB)

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Fairs & Events .

You can meet us at the following fairs and events

    7 – 17. March 2019, Geneva Switzerland
    We invite you to visit us at our stand
  • “Flotte! Der Branchentreff”
    20. March 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Tag der Forschung 2019
    21. March 2019, FH Aachen, Aachen, Germany

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